How Copenhagen Business School Uses FingoPay and Hitachi’s H-1 Finger Vein Scanner to COMPLETELY Change Payments

If you thought that Brunel University’s in England did with their finger vein scanning payment system was complex then take a look at what Copenhagen Business School in Denmark did with their self-service cafeteria called Spisetuerne.

Copenhagen Business School has a total student populace of over 22,000 with 600+ full time academic staff to potentially utilize the finger vein payments system. With such a large sample size, it is the perfect location to do product testing.


Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and where Copenhagen Business School is located within Frederiksberg. (A city within a city.)
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What is Spisetuerne, and where is it located?

Spisetuerne was a chain of self-service cafeterias or canteens owned by the that were located within the campus of Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in Frederiksberg, Denmark. They became extremely popular for their many healthy options which included options such as grilled chicken, parfaits, open salad bars among other Danish comfort foods. A large population of students at CBS of 22,829 students meant that there were certainly a lot of hungry students and staff that needed to be served, so they could start eating their smørrebrød. They needed to find a way to do it more efficiently to avoid the lines that would eventually build from lunch rushes.

To see what types of Danish foods that these students were eating take a look at their Foursquare:


A wienerbrød or Danish to Americans would be the perfect fit when visiting Spisetuerne. It is one of many items that can be purchased using finger vein payments.
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To solve this problem, a team of technology companies which included FingoPay, Hitachi, Dankort and Nets decided to partner together to create a seamless approach to payments that would not even require the use of a wallet or phone. Why replace these? Well, both of these options do take a considerable amount of time especially if the student needs to pull out the right amount of cash or open the app while the phone lags. The Pay-with-Your-Finger system was based around using the Hitachi H-1 Finger Vein Scanner along with someone’s registered finger vein template that they had on file with Dankort.

By doing this Spisetuerne became the first place in the world for self-service finger vein scanning for payments!

With a transaction time of less than 3 seconds or less for approval, students would be able to quickly buy their lunch and eat it before their next class.

They would also have a much more positive experience with their checkout which may not be the case if they had to wait for the card reader to approve their credit card.

The most crucial part is developing a positive attitude towards the new technology as it would start to build an acceptance of using that in other locations. Thereby, creating a strong reason to expand this to new retail channels.

How did Spisetuerne adopt contactless biometric payments?

In April 2018, the first Spisetuerne was set up with FingoPay at the Solbjerg Plads location as FingoPay was using this campus as a testing ground to see how many people would adopt this payment platform and stick with it. They had already had seen success with applications in their native U.K. with Brunel University incorporating it within their CostCutters location which used it as payment.

They partnered with payment solutions company, Nets to process the payments while also doing so with Dankort to create a platform that was already established as Dankort is similar to Visa and Mastercard in the U.S.

How FingoPay can be used to purchase items at Spisetuerne and the reactions from students there.

The Pay-with-Your-Finger system targeted millennials who are known to be interested in new technology because exposure in their youth to an assortment of technology such as smartphones, tablets and internet-based applications. In addition, these companies understood consumer purchasing trends towards self-service retail. The millennials are Dankort the future customers at grocery stores as many will continue on to start a family. They are also keener on online shopping which will certainly require significantly more security.

The vision of all these partners is to create widespread adoption of finger vein payments which would be incorporate in retail businesses of all sorts. If they can influence them while they are young, in the future when they are in positions of power, they may look towards this technology to solve their business’ problems.

Plus, given that the student population is over 20,000 (large sample size), there is a lot of legroom to work with when it comes to gathering feedback and potential new ideas. It serves as a central gathering point for students when they want to eat but also study which inspires consistent purchases.

Tx Systems is a trusted source for Hitachi Products

If you are located in the U.S. and want to start implementing a finger vein authentication scheme for your retail location then we have the Hitachi Finger Vein Scanner for you. We carry the same exact finger vein reader (Hitachi H-1 KCA-110 Finger Vein Scanner) that FingoPay uses for their in-store scanners. With the convenience and cleanliness of contactless payments, robustness of security protocols and the quickness of authentication, you can trust this new way of securing your customer’s payments. We a certified distributor of Hitachi products meaning that we are trusted to properly support you on your journey with these amazingly advanced readers.

FingoPay uses the Hitachi H-1 Finger Vein Scanner as their payment hardware at CostCutters and other locations.

What is FingoPay?

FingoPay founded by Nicholas Dryden in 2012 with parent company Sthaler (biometrics service provider) est. 2016 to create a new method of contactless payment at check-out. It was initially started as a means to solve the issue at music festivals/events for collecting payments (cash and credit/debit cards) from attendees such as long lines and theft. This was in an effort to secure payments that were traditionally done through cash or smart cards (credit and debit). They now look to using the technology for age verification, identification and much more.

What FingoPay stands for and their mission towards creating an easier identity for all people that is within each person.

What is Dankort?

Dankort (a credit/debit card) was released in 1983 starting off with manual credit card reader support and integrating the latest technologies of the day such as the magnetic strip, EMV chip and even contactless technologies such as NFC. These cards are available at all banks in Denmark and are similar to how you would go to a bank to obtain a debit card from card giants such as VISA and Mastercard, Dankort is the Danish version of those companies.

Dankort is Denmark’s choice for smart card payments.
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How does the checkout process work?

It is considered a naked payments system meaning that it is a completely contactless without the need for your phone or wallet and can be purchased without needing a PIN to verify your transaction. It does not even matter how much you purchase too.

So, your finger veins can hold not only the value of your bank account, but the key to discounts and the receipt for their order

It utilizes Hitachi’s VeinID technology which is found in Hitachi’s H-1 Finger Vein Scanner which relies on the infrared wavelength that takes a map of your finger veins.

For those concerned about security, finger veins are stored in a secure online cloud server database which means that it is encrypted after you provide your scan. Spisetuerne does not keep the data at their retail location, so they will not be a first line of attack for hackers as was the case for many other retail stores.

Most of the process of purchasing a product is not different than if you had used a regular debit or cash.

But, imagine this situation to get a visual of it,

You are a student at CBS that is ready for frokost (“lunch” in Danish) and need some good smørrebrød (an open-faced Danish sandwich) with a wienerbrød (similar to a Danish) that you select from the hotplates and refrigerators. You then go to pay but instead of reaching for your wallet for cash, you decided to try this new contactless payment method. Before doing so, you will need to register your finger veins via the website with your Dankort credit/debit card and its respective bank in order to have the finger vein template (FVT) match together and to be able to complete the transaction. This allows for your bank account to be linked with your finger vein template (FVT). That you saw being promoted at school which is based around finger vein payment from FingoPay. At the checkout counter, you notice a small white reader which is the Hitachi H-1 Finger Vein Scanner with the instructions to pay by simply inserting your registered finger (index or middle finger) into the scanner.

How the POS system at Spisetuerne functions with the Hitachi H-1 Finger Vein Scanner.

What makes the finger vein scanner so special is that it relies on something that you are which is a human with living blood streams. As a result, it cannot be taken away from you but rather it is unique to every single person out there which means that it cannot be easily copied. No two people have the same finger vein patterns. One of the most beneficial aspects of the finger vein scanner is that it detects whether or not the veins are alive or not meaning that someone cannot steal your finger to pay with your account. Oxygenated blood must be present in order to verify your account. You must be alive and present in order for it to work.

The transaction times are quite fast meaning that you will not be standing there waiting for it to finally be read or waiting for your credit/debit card to be approved.

All of this is based around Nets, the payment solution provider, that actually stores your finger vein template on their cloud-based server which is securely encrypted when being transferred from the POS system and stored to their cloud-based server. It cannot be used by anyone to be reverse engineered.

After placing your registered finger into the scanner, you will be given either an approval or denial depending on if it could accurately read your finger. Don’t think you can game the system!

You also have the choice to unlink your account if you would rather stick to the Dankort mobile app or a physical credit/debit card.

You are now ready to enjoy lunch!

*Currently, it is limited to the country to which you initially used it in, even though the U.K. has finger vein payments at CostCutters at Brunel University and Joe’s Bar at East Hotel. International payments have not been established yet.

How success was Spisetuerne at adopting contactless biometric payments?

The great news was that it was readily adopted by 800 students on campus who had felt that the technology was both convenient and reliable. Given that this marketing pilot project was supposed to last six-months, the companies were able to collect a sizeable amount of data given that there were over 6000 transactions over this time period. As a result, the student union which run the cafeterias decided to make it a permeant feature of the cafeteria that is well established with. Considering that this was initially a test run, it is safe to say that it was a success.

So, 10% of total transactions made at Spisetuerne were made with a finger vein scan when using a Dankort which is coming from a country that has 50% adoption of contactless payment methods.

An extremely quick video on how FingoPay works at Spisetuerne.

All of these companies concluded that there was high demand to use FingoPay and the Hitachi H-1 Finger Vein Scanner to solve problems related to long lines, long queues and payment security.

Interestingly enough, as of 2020, Spisetuerne went bankrupt during the early stages of the government lockdown because of the lack of student purchases. The campus was shut down to students and faculty in mid-March 2020 because of government orders which did not allow the support of the student government and the Danish government.

Because of this, the contract ended with Nets, the payment solution provider, meaning that finger vein payments are no longer accepted at the cafeteria.

Where can I find out more about the Hitachi H-1 Finger Vein Scanner?

If you want to incorporate contactless payments into your retail location similar to Copenhagen Business School or Brunel University, then take a look at the Hitachi H-1 Finger Vein Scanner.

Tx Systems offers the Hitachi H-1 Finger Vein Scanner which can be bought directly on our site.

If you are not ready to pull the trigger just yet then feel free to learn more about the product through the included brochure and datasheet to have a better idea if this would fit with your restaurant or retail location.

How CostCutters at Brunel University Uses FingoPay and Hitachi’s H-1 Finger Vein Scanner to COMPLETELY Change Payments

What is CostCutters, and where is it located?

CostCutters is a value-focused supermarket chain in the U.K. and Ireland with a small convenience store offering food, student swag and mobile phone services at Brunel University in London. With a 14,000 strong student population to target with snack goods such as Walker’s Chips, Cadbury Eggs and Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles, it has a hungry market that is steadily visiting the store for their next sugar fix.

What better place to introduce a new means of payment that reduces the waiting queue time and increases the number of customers?

If you have never been to England then you may want to get a better idea of what an English convenience store looks like, take a look at their social media channels:




CostCutters is ideal for a pilot program for innovative payments systems using the for the Hitachi H-1 Finger Vein Scanner thanks to its forward-thinking customers.
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How did CostCutters adopt contactless biometric payments?

Given that universities tend to be an epicenter of experimentation for many companies, it is no surprise that start-up company FingoPay decided to use this convenience store as a pilot program for their finger vein payments.

Plus, it is a fantastic way of determining if FingoPay has strong viability in the overall retail market by using a large sample size of target customers. In this way, they can become aware of any potential changes that need to be made before a full roll-out.

Take a look at how FingoPay was introduced at Brunel University and how students were able to check-out using only their fingers.

To encourage students to adopt the contactless payments system, a £5 store credit was given to the first 1000 FingoPay registrants with hundreds clamoring to sign up during Fresher’s Week. For American readers, this week is usually characterized by freshmen students partying to welcome themselves into the university life. A similar phenomenon happens in the United States but is known as Orientation. Although, the credit from our standpoint seems quite lackluster, at this store, many items can be bought for around that price such as two Co-op Pizzas and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for £5. If you remember to your college years, you were probably scrambling to find something to eat that was anything but the stereotypical Cup Noodle for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, the incentive is quite motivating.

The incentive for the students at Brunel University of £5 seems minimal, but the store has many cheap items such as frozen pizza that are ideal for the college appetite.
Photo by Ragga Muffin on

Many media outlets picked this up as it became the first retail store in the entire world to use Hitachi’s 3D Finger VeinID vascular pattern recognition (VPR) with their POS system. Finger vein scanning is an innovative solution as a means to identify an individual based off the veins within their finger. The benefit of this is that finger veins do not change with age and are not limited by the condition of the user’s skin. This is different than a finger print which relies on an external identifier and can be spoofed with simply the print. However, Hitachi’s Finger Vein Scanner requires that the individual be alive through a pulse and hemoglobin at the moment of the scan and be in a neutral state rather than that or duress. So, con artists will have a hard time with forcing you to scan your finger. This technology has mainly been in used in applications for building access and computer access. However, that all changed, as CostCutters introduced this method to a payment system long been dominated by methods such as cash and credit/debit cards.

How do you sign up and use FingoPay?

Tx Systems is a trusted source for Hitachi Products

If you are located in the U.S. and want to start implementing a finger vein authentication scheme for your retail location then we have the Hitachi Finger Vein Scanner for you. We carry the same exact finger vein reader (Hitachi H-1 KCA-110 Finger Vein Scanner) that FingoPay uses for their in-store scanners. With the convenience and cleanliness of contactless payments, robustness of security protocols and the quickness of authentication, you can trust this new way of securing your customer’s payments. We a certified distributor of Hitachi products meaning that we are trusted to properly support you on your journey with these amazingly advanced readers.

FingoPay uses the Hitachi H-1 Finger Vein Scanner as their payment hardware at CostCutters and other locations.

What is FingoPay?

FingoPay founded by Nicholas Dryden in 2012 with parent company Sthaler (biometrics service provider) est. 2016 to create a new method of contactless payment at check-out. It was initially started as a means to solve the issue at music festivals/events for collecting payments (cash and credit/debit cards) from attendees such as long lines and theft. This was in an effort to secure payments that were traditionally done through cash or smart cards (credit and debit). They now look to using the technology for age verification, identification and much more.

What FingoPay stands for and their mission towards creating an easier identity for all people that is within each person.

Why did FingoPay Choose Brunel University?

With a younger Millennial demographic at university locations, it only makes sense to roll out a solution such as this. They are already accustomed to using their phones for nearly everything, so it makes sense that they would readily adopt a solution such as this that is not only easy to use but also quick and secure at the same time.

How does the checkout process work?

A simple and quick explanation of FingoPay.

As with any store, you would buy the things that you want and head to the checkout lane. Once there, instead of reaching for your wallet to take out cash or a credit/debit card. You would place your finger into the finger vein scanner for it to be mapped and the payment would be completed within 3 seconds. It is extremely quick meaning that you will be able to snack on your Young’s Flipper Dippers. Thereby, it makes the customer experience much more positive rather than ripe with complaints. It does require the user to register their vein profile with FingoPay first in order to use the platform as it needs to connect two and two together. This is similar to registering your debit/credit card with Google/Apple/Samsung Pay to the respective wallet apps and being able to select that at checkout when purchasing an item.

The experiences of those that have incorporated FingoPay into their businesses and their reactions to using the system.

Once registered, it becomes easy to pay for your items. . You would not need to use any other payment method after the initial registration as it has your information within the network. The 3D template that you used to initially registered with FingoPay is then used as a template comparison for subsequent scans. The 3D finger vein mapping generates a unique key to be connected with your payment of choice and links to your bank accounts. This is a similar function to a PIN number that you would use to verify your debit/credit card. Those future scans are then compared with that initial scan for matching purposes.

WorldPay, a payment provider, stores your credit/debit card and banking details encrypted in a cloud database rather than through a local server. Think of this similar to how you purchase off Amazon and eBay for online shopping.

With a biometric component added to this system, security has since been improved with means to protect the information that has been a target for hackers for years. Techniques such as card skimming and shimming with magnetic strips and EMV cards will not be relevant in this method. For more information on these techniques and how contactless payments based on NFC actually are safer to use then take a look at our previous blog article below.

Where can I find out more about the Hitachi H-1 Finger Vein Scanner?

If you are looking to incorporate the Hitachi H-1 Finger Vein Scanner into your retail business then Tx Systems has a great deal on this scanner along with the support needed to have you up and running.

How to Install the Windows Password Replacement Software EASY

So you made the right choice of wanting to go password less in a world dominated by usernames and passwords. That is a great choice!

The Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise login screen has the ability to utilize biometric login utilizing Hitachi’s Finger Vein technology.
Photo by Adam Sondel on

The Windows Password Replacement software by Hitachi is extremely reliable and will make Windows 10 logins seamless by relying on both your finger veins within your hands and your face. Both can actually be used or you can simply rely on finger veins.

Login is easy when using your finger vein patterns and the Hitachi’s Windows Password Replacement software.


  1. Find the .exe file for Windows Password Replacement which should be named “WPRSetup.exe
  2. Double-click the icon to run the installation wizard.
  3. You may need to run it as a System Administrator in order to install it.

Template Enrolment

  1. Upon installation of the Windows Password Replacement (WPR Registration)
  2. You will need to provide it with an initial scan of your face and hand in front of your desktop/laptop webcam.
    1. These will be stored as templates which are encrypted by AES256 algorithms and stored as a mathematical representation making them irreversible, so a hacker could not recreate your finger vein template.
  3. Click “Skip” to “Registration”
    1. Two options to choose from: Finger Vein Only or Face & Finger Vein for a multi-factor authentication experience (MFA)
      1. You will notice that depending on the mode, there will either be a hand showing or a hand and a face showing.
Hitachi’s Windows Password Replacement allows for both logging in using finger veins and facial scans through the use of multi-factor authentication.
Photo by Pixabay on
  1. Click “Enrol” for either the left hand, right hand or both hands (Recommended) and enter the password that you have for your PC to confirm yourself.
  2. The chosen webcam will turn on *(Default (the webcam that is felled back on)/Preferred (the webcam that you go to above all else))* and an onscreen guide will appear for both your hands and face. Both will be Yellow until your head and hands are properly placed within the guide which will then turn Green. The images will be captured a total of three times.
    1. Your fingers will need to be completely within the glove for it to work.
    2. Lighting will automatically adjust depending on the lighting within the room (Light-green/dark-green means that the process is finished)
    3. If the process is not completed then the guide will remain yellow.
  3. Make sure that you are wearing a plain facial expression with minimal head movements and include any accessories that you might wear to authenticate yourself in the future such as glasses.
Keep your facial expression as neutral as possible to make future authentications easier when using the facial recognition with the finger vein authentication.
Photo by Tembela Bohle on
  1. Do not wear masks, face covering and dark sunglasses which will effect authentication.
  2. Keep the laptop on a flat surface such as a desk with the screen at a 75 degree angle and avoid harsh light such as sunlight towards the webcam as the webcam will naturally adjust.
    1. Keep yourself in a neutral room with a flat and mundane background
    2. Keep the elbow on a flat surface for stable imaging
    3. Make sure that lighting is adequate and not too dark

*Five templates of both finger vein only mode and face/finger vein mode can be stored.

3. You will need to VERIFY your identity after the third scan by presenting your hand and face to the webcam similar to when you would reconfirm a password when changing it.

This is to make sure that everything is accurate, and that there have not been any glaring mistakes.

Template Matching

  1. The next time that you try and login to Windows 10, you will need to present your hand and/or face to actually access the desktop. No more passwords are needed!
    • Your face and finger veins will be matched to the templates that are encrypted on your computer in a secure vault.
    • No storage of biometric data occurs.
  2. Once at the Windows 10 sign-in screen, you will select “Sign-in options” underneath the password box.
  3. Select the VeinID Five logo and proceed with either a finger vein and/or facial login which will be guided by a visual.
  4. You are inside your Windows Desktop!

If you run into any issues relating to the WPR software then make sure that you are using this on a PC/laptop that is optimized for it:

  • Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise Version 20H2/2004/1909 (64-bit Edition)
    • S-Mode will NOT work
  • Intel i5 and above processor
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 1.1 GB of hard drive or SSD storage
  • 720p Webcam or higher with latest drivers
  • MP4 codec support
  • Desktop/Laptop
  • ActiveDirectory domain member or Local User

Where can I find more information about the Hitachi VeinID Five software to answer any troubleshooting questions?

For more in-depth information regarding adjusting Settings and User Management, please refer back to the “WPR User Guide” that is included with the software download.

You can also reach out to Tx Systems for technical support at

How Using the Hitachi H-1 Finger Vein Scanner Will Completely Transform Your Bank or Financial Institution?

Have you ever though of how easy it is for someone to steal your banking information with a simple look over your shoulder? With the usage of PIN numbers and the potential for card shimming, banking members need a more secure way of verifying their identities and their banking transactions.

That is where the newly announced Hitachi H-1 Finger Vein Scanner is just the fit for your financial institution.

The Hitachi Vein Scanner is an impressive feat of biometric advancement as it replaces the current standards of fingerprint reading with a much more secure form of biometrics.

Why is it so secure?

Thanks for asking! It ensures an extremely secure login through scanning finger veins which are nearly impossible to duplicate meaning that access to financial documents such as corporate earnings or banking information are not going to be accessed easily. It also cannot be shared with other users as finger vein scans are unique to that individual which is not the case for smart cards, passwords and PINS. All of which are tradeable if known by others. This scanner follows standard authentication protocols such as PKCS#11. To learn more about this protocol, take a look here at “What is PCKS #11?” by IBM.

The Hitachi H-1 Finger Vein Scanner is ideal for integrating with your bank’s web portal and enables users through a much safer method.

It also has wide compatibility with Windows-based operating systems which allow for incorporation into most corporate/office environments along with its ruggedness and ease-of-use.

With all these great benefits, you must read on to learn more about how this will secure your member’s banking information and your branch as a whole.

How did Barclay’s Utilize the Hitachi Vein Reader?

As larger proof of business acceptance, financial service provider giant, Barclays, in the U.K. partnered with Hitachi to implement their own custom version of the Hitachi H-1 Finger Vein Scanner in 2014.

Barclays worked with Hitachi to develop a finger vein scanner based off the Hitachi H-1 Finger Vein Scanner that would work with their online banking portal for their corporate customers in 2014.

Barclays has an over 300-hundred-year history and has financial services ranging from personal banking to corporate banking to wealth management/investment banking throughout several continents such as Europe, the Americas and Asia.

As you can see, this technology is not new and has had over twenty years to grow since being introduced in 1997. It is safe to say that if a large financial conglomerate can adopt this to verify their member’s identities, then you too can do the same for your small, medium or large-size financial institution. Their commitment to the safety of their customers includes the scanners lack of need for PIN numbers or passwords that can be captured by criminals for the purpose of sharing account details and profiting off the funds in one’s account.

This was seen as a groundbreaking event in the financial services sector when it came to security. This is not the first time that a progressive, technologically-forward bank such as Barclay’s has used new method of authentication. It introduced voice biometrics on phone calls which allowed them to eliminate passwords and security questions when members tried to access their accounts.

When do Barclays’ customers verify their identities?

Those visiting Barclay’s websites are requested to place their finger into the scanner to verify your identity from home when accessing online services. The scanner was provided to corporate banking customers starting in 2015 to combat the online fraud that seemed to be widespread in the U.K.

The main goal of this scanner was to use it as an SSO-type of device with their online banking portal, iPortal and and to authorize online payments. This will allow for corporate users to authenticate themselves when logging onto one portal while having access to multiple types of accounts to seamlessly have access to all the services that they need at their bank without having to use multiple passwords for each area of the site. Think of a site dedicated to investments while another subdomain is dedicated to savings and checking accounts.

Online banking became much harder to hack into for Barclays thanks to their adoption of finger vein scanning as each differ from person to person.
Photo by Ono Kosuki on

The finger vein scans are not kept in public records and Barclays does not store them on their servers as well which should ease any sort of privacy concerns. Rather, the scans are stored on the finger vein scanner in a SIM card (the same type of smart card used in your smart phone).

Barclays updated their scanners in 2019 developing a finger vein scanner that was much more svelte and included Bluetooth capabilities for wireless, mobile transactions. A testament to their strong belief in Hitachi’s technology.

Why is it great for a brokerage or branch office setting?

Designed for office lighting

Overall, office lighting is not too harsh when compared with direct sunlight; however, some employees may disagree. With this design in mind though, it is able to accurately capture an image of your finger vein which may not be the case if it is too bright. It uses the LED strip light located at the top of the scanner along with an embedded CCD-based camera with a CMOS sensor at the bottom of the scanner. It uses reflected light which is bounced back from the mirror where the CCD-based camera is.

The Hitachi H-1 Finger Vein Scanner was made to support office environments with its fast authentication, wide range of supported operating temperatures and light conditions, you will welcome it as a nice addition to your desk.
Photo by Startup Stock Photos on

Hot & cold environments supported

The operating temperatures are fit for the office with 41°F to 95°F which will be perfect considering that offices do not rise above 70°F for most of the day. Be mindful though of where you place this as tower PCs can become very hot and personal space heaters may create an uncomfortable environment for the finger vein scanner.

Fast authentication to keep employees working as effectively as possible

Password changes and monitoring can take significant time especially if the employee cannot login to their workstation. That is why it is important to have a method that is quick and does not require the user to write it down.

Instantaneous authentication which takes less than a few seconds for logging into Windows or other native/cloud-supported applications thanks to the support of USB High Speed with speeds up to 480 Mbps rather than Full Speed reader which is limited to 12 Mbps.

The storage of biometric information on the scanner’s SIM card is also helpful as it does not have to search the computer for those user templates. Much of the operation of the device is handled in the device itself so that saves overall time.

Large USB cable to keep desk real estate spacious

It also has a nearly 6-foot USB cable that allows you to stretch over long distances to prevent your desk from being cluttered by an increasing number of devices. It also fits for those days when you feel like laying back in your chair for that power nap session, and you cannot bear to reach over with your finger. 

The LED status light can be seen at the top of the finger vein scanner whereas the CCD camera is below the hood of the scanner. That is where the magic happens and your finger veins are captured.

LED status light to troubleshoot

Its status-driven LED will be easily seen and can notify you when the finger vein reading your finger vein or if there is an error that is occurring while this is happening. If your sight is not the best then the buzzer will also be able to assist you. Cheers to accessibility!

  • Solid Green Light: Idling and representative of a successful authentication
  • Solid Red Light: Device error and representative of a failed authentication

Customized branding

You can order this scanner customized to feature your unique branding featured on top of the scanner casing. It will provide the consistency that is needed for your employees to feel that this solution is part of the company and not simply another device from an outside source. Belonging is crucial when trying to adopt a new solution and for employee identification as employees will tend to be resistant at first to new implementations.

Sign-What-You-See (SWYS) feature

It also pairs well with the Sign-What-You-See (SWYS) browser plug-in (provided by Hitachi) which adds an additional layer of security to an already robust solution meaning that you can see what types of actions are being made to sign off on. This is similar to a signature pad at your bank branch to allow the bank member to authorize the deposit or withdrawal.

  • Supported on Windows-based browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox
  • Supported on macOS-based browsers such as Safari
Members can keep track of their transactions and actions taken on the portal to verify that is actually what they want.
Photo by Pixabay on

Back-office system integration

The digital signing of transactions is similar to when you verify a transaction in-store through a signature pad or other signing application such as DocuSign for PDF forms which can be managed in the back office.

Supports Joiners-Movers-Leavers Processes

This will support employee credentials and their information throughout their lifetime working at your branch or firm.

Steps to Setup the Finger Vein Scanner to Access Your Banking Portal

  1. The internal SIM card within the finger vein scanner can be pre-programmed with the CAP (card applet) by a smart card provider such as HID to create the private key, certificate loading and the initial PIN set-up for the end-user.
    1. By preloading, this will prevent the hassle of doing this step yourself and streamlines the process of managing those SIM cards.
  2. Then the user authenticates himself as the web application takes care of the registration process, interface and the data.

Basic Tools You Will Need:

  1. Card Applet (provided by smart card manufacturers such as HID)
  2. Device driver for Windows OS version
  3. Middleware library (provided by Hitachi)
  4. Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari
  5. Web browser plug-in (provided by Hitachi)

*Keys and certificates are created on-site once the user enrolls*

Why should I trust Hitachi?

Hitachi Ltd., based in Tokyo, Japan, is a recognized brand known world-wide for many different types of electronic products such as printers, TVs and even professional camera equipment.

Hitachi is committed to developing new innovative and superior products and services that allow for society to take on the most pressing challenges in today’s world that take advantage of the latest developments in technology such as AI, Big Data and IoT.

What Hitachi stands for and their mission with their product development

Their devices most importantly conform to major regulatory standards such as FCC Part 15 B, CE, RoHS and REACH to ensure your safety and wellbeing is kept in mind when operating these devices.

Hitachi has proved their vein reading technology over the last twenty years with notable examples being:

Overall, Hitachi’s finger vein authentication is known globally as one of the most secure types of biometrics available and is used in places such beyond Japan such as with countries throughout North America and Europe.

What operating systems are supported by the finger vein scanner?

Windows PCs from Windows 7 to Windows 10 are supported by the Hitachi H-1 Finger Vein Scanner.
Photo by Breakingpic on

Windows 7 SP1

  • Starter SP1 (32-bit)
  • Home Premium SP1 (32- and 64-bit)
  • Professional SP1 (32- and 64-bit)
  • Ultimate SP1 (32- and 64-bit)
  • Enterprise SP1 (32- and 64-bit)

Windows 8.1

  • Standard with Update (32- and 64-bit)
  • Pro with Update (32- and 64-bit)
  • Enterprise with Update (32- and 64-bit)

Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Ver. 1607)

  • Home Version 1607 (32- and 64-bit)
  • Pro Version 1607 (32- and 64-bit)
  • Enterprise Version 1607 (32- and 64-bit)

Where do I purchase this vein reader to start securing my financial institution today?

So, if you are a financial institution that offers online banking and want to offer your customer a safer and much more secure banking experience then it would be wise to integrate this solution into your branch.

With many possibilities to integrate this within your online banking portal and the allowance for a single sign-on (SSO) for your portal, you can make your user experience much more smoother and easier.

That way whenever your member tries to login to their account online, they will only need to present their finger for scanning. This can be programmed to occur when they are trying to transfer money, creating a new account or are paying a bill. It makes it easier instead of using a password and having to make for certain that employees are constantly changing it to stay on top of breaches or current.

The Hitachi H-1 Finger Vein Scanner will make online banking much more secure for your members and will revolutionize the way that you do business.
Photo by Dids on

Tx Systems is the best place to purchase the Hitachi H-1 Finger Vein Scanner as we have recently introduced this finger vein reader to the general public. We are licensed Hitachi distributors for the Hitachi Vein Scanner and will support you throughout your journey with this amazing technology!

It is perfect for financial institutions of all shapes and sizes from banks, credit unions to brokerage firms. So if you are looking to purchase the Hitachi H-1 USB 2.0 Type-A/mini-B Contactless Finger Vein Biometric Scanner.

The ULTIMATE Solution for Securing Your Windows Login by ONLY Raising Your Hand

Have you ever wondered why we had to raise our hand when we were in class? Remember, when you had the answer to a question and were desperately trying to get the teacher to call on you. It seemed like a competition with other students just to get them to get to you first. Wait, maybe that was just me. Usually, the teacher would try and pose a question to the class for to answer such as “What is volatile memory?” if you were a computer science-type of guy. Some questions though were harder to answer than others to answer such as “What are the different types of networking ports available?” Funny thing is that we are still answering questions to this day especially if you talk to local business owners who are seemingly dealing with problems on a daily basis.

Raising your hand was not only important when you were in the classroom but can now log you into your computer at work.
Photo by Max Fischer on

One question that nearly all of us still face today is how to secure our corporate data, office buildings and user credentials. That may have been answerable in different ways over the course of the last few decades from proximity cards to smart cards to even newer biometric methods such as facial recognition and iris scans. However, all of those methods have inherent flaws in that they require you to purchase into a new hardware scheme and can be compromised.

Smart cards require not only the card programmed for each of your organization’s members but also need individual readers for each employee. Even methods that use employees’ outward appearances have issues relating to security flaws such as people being able to lift your fingerprints or taking a photo of you to login to your computer.

However, in 2022, there is a much more secure means of biometrics which rely on what you have inside of you and that are your blood veins. It might sound somewhat gruesome and off-putting, but once you see how it works, you will realize that is extremely easy to start and does not require you to even touch your hand on anything.

So, what is this software?

Well, Hitachi has recently announced its VeinFive ID Windows Password Replacement software (sorry, macOS and Linux users) as a means to replace the notoriously finnicky password for logging into and authenticating your credentials as a user to your work PC.

*You can also use this software to login to Microsoft Office 365*

To clear all this up, we have put together a handy guide to get you going on securing your PC in a much more secure manner.

Why is Tx Systems THE trusted source for cybersecurity hardware and software?

Our superior customer support and guidance have not gone unnoticed with large corporations within both the public and private sector having purchased from us to support their cybersecurity needs. These companies include some of the largest in fields such as ride sharing, imaging & printing, entertainment and technology.

We are a distributor for leading smart cards, their readers and other security hardware such as biometric readers. We have been in the business since 1997 and have stayed on top of leading technologies such as new biometric inputs and even the adoption of RFID stickers with NFC capabilities. Tx Systems is a passionate force in the industry and is dedicated to supporting you through whatever usage case you may have for both enterprise and government customers. Trust us to stay on top of cybercriminals and start securing your data by taking a constructive step forward.

Tx Systems offers a wide variety of cybersecurity hardware and software that will offer a robust force against hackers with methods such as smart cards, security tokens and much more.

It sounds amazing, how does it work?

Finger vein scanning sounds unbelievable and even a bit dangerous. You might wonder how that image appears on the computer without somehow needing a surgical or invasive procedure. However, none of these methods are required for using Hitachi’s VeinID Five Windows Password Replacement software.

Honestly, it really is as simple as raising your hand to your webcam and having it match a cutout of your hand that appears onscreen. This cutout appears as a green hand shape that you need to fit in to have it work correctly. The webcam will use ambient lighting within your location to see the finger veins within your hand.

A demonstration of how the VeinID Five Windows Password Replacement software works with your Windows-based PC.

All you need is a webcam with 720p HD resolution which should be included on most of the laptops that you use. This resolution is not hard to find nowadays as it has long been surpassed by 1080p.

One of the benefits of the VeinID Five Windows Password Replacement is that there is no need for additional hardware devices such as smart card readers and biometric readers in order for finger vein recognition to work. This requires a significant investment depending on the smart card reader that you buy. You will also need this for each user that you have for their computer setup. Unlike other authentication methods which use a physical piece of hardware for authentication such as security tokens, the software handles it for you.

What are the exact steps that need to be taken to use the Hitachi finger vein software?

A demonstration of how the hand template works with the VeinID 5 Windows Password Replacement software.

Before deciding to purchase the software for your business, be certain that the specifications of your PCs match what is required from the VeinID Five Windows Password Replacement software.

It is only based around the Windows 10 operating system because of its support for Windows Hello which supports additional authentication methods beyond passwords.

  • Windows 10 Professional (Version 1809) – 64-bit edition
  • Intel i5 Processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 720p web camera

NOTE: It can be implemented with Windows Profile, ActiveDirectory or Azure ActiveDirectory for deployment in a centralized location for use on all workstations.

You can sample and evaluate the software for a FREE 30-day trial before you buy. It can be used for a business up to 50 users without needing to contact Hitachi for a custom setup.


You can purchase the software today from Tx Systems as a software download that will be sent to you as a link via email.

From here, click the box (Vein FiveID option) that corresponds to the VeinID Five Windows Password Replacement software below the password box which will then take you to a yellow hand outline. With that, you need to make sure that your hand fits in with the cutout. The finger vein authentication only takes less than 5 seconds from start to finish then you will be taken to your desktop, so it is extremely convenient and fast for your employees. You can also use this feature in an offline setting with no internet connection.

**Multiple sign-in options are allowed in Windows 10 Hello in addition to the Hitachi VeinID Five which allow for options in case the software hiccups or you forget your password.**

It will be able to read a wide variety of hand types including those that are scarred, aged etc. because it relies on the inner veins of the hand for recognition which are not subject to aging and the changes to the shape and form of the veins. This cannot be said about fingers which can be scarred or wrinkled over time.

What does the Hitachi VeinID Five do after the images have been processed?

The Hitachi VeinID Five Windows Password Replacement uses the ambient light spectrum as the main method of finger vein authentication which is the light that surrounds you in your room which enhances your hand’s presence apart from the other objects in your surrounding.

Whatever, the webcam captures, it then takes that image for processing.

After your finger veins have been captured by your webcam, they will be securely transferred through AES-256 encryption to your computer for processing.
Photo by Visually Us on

The processing is based around registered user templates which can be used to demonstrate that the user is who they say they are. The user template is what has initially been brought forth from the original registration process and serves as a reference point for future logins.

Lastly, biometric information is encrypted by AES-256 when transferring the finger vein captures to the workstation to avoid the potential liaison of identifiable information. This information can either be stored locally at your office or remotely on the cloud.

What are some of the major benefits of using the Hitachi VeinID Five Windows Password Replacement software?

  • EASY INTEGRATION (*Standard Windows 10 credential provider can be used)
  • COST EFFECTIVE (NO additional smartcards or biometric readers needed but simply a webcam)
  • SUPPORTS JOINERS-MOVERS-LEAVERS processes which account for the lifecycle of an employee when joining the team and leaving for assurance that all their information has been processed securely
  • HARD TO REPLICATE VEINS as you are the only person with your unique vein pattern to be recognized
  • SUPPORTS MFA (multi-factor authentication applications) to be used in conjunction with other login methods such as passwords, one-time codes and security tokens for an even more secure account
  • CUSTOMIZEABLE as it can be further customized for discretionary/mandatory control and policies relating to access based off role, job title or time period.

Why should I trust Hitachi?

Hitachi Ltd., based in Tokyo, Japan, is a recognized brand known world-wide for many different types of electronic products such as printers, TVs and even professional camera equipment.

Hitachi is committed to developing new innovative and superior products that allow for society to take on the most pressing challenges in today’s world that take advantage of the latest developments in technology such as AI, Big Data and IoT.

Their devices most importantly conform to major regulatory standards such as FCC Part 15 B, CE, RoHS and REACH to ensure your safety and wellbeing is kept in mind when operating these devices.

What Hitachi stands for and their mission with their product development

What does it protect against?

This software prevents many of the attacks that are common in today’s cyberworld which include:

  • Reduce phishing attacks
  • Password theft
  • Password stuffing
  • Brute force attacks
  • Keyloggers
  • Shoulder surfing

It is ideal for protecting physical assets (building), vaults, data centers or secure payment areas and digital assets.

Keep hackers out of your essential accounts by utilizing a new way of logging in that is nearly impenetrable!
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on

Where do I find this innovative software?

If this software sounds like a great fit for your business then take the first step towards securing it.

You can purchase the software today from Tx Systems or try to evaluate the software for a free trial of 30-days. It can be used for a business up to 50 users without needing to contact Hitachi for adjustments.

It may be best to try it out first though as you might not have the experience with using finger vein biometric login. It could be a bit too advanced for beginners.

Whatever you decide upon, just realize that Hitachi’s VeinID Five Windows Password Replacement will completely change your login experience!

A Solution that is Nearly Unhackable! Meet the Hitachi USB 2.0 Type-A/mini-USB-B Contactless Finger Vein Biometric Scanner

Imagine a future where you could use the blood veins in your finger to login to your computer. That sounds like the vision of the Jetsons, but you can do that using the Hitachi Finger Vein Scanner. With traditional passwords hearing their death knell thanks to the advent of solutions such as security keys, smart card readers and biometric readers such as the Hitachi Finger Vein Scanner. It is only a matter of time before your business may be forced to introduce additional methods to protecting your employee and customer data. To get ahead of the curve, learn more about how this scanner will not only optimize your business but make it much easier to manage employee credentials while you are at it.





Why is Tx Systems the trusted source for cybersecurity hardware and software?

Our superior customer support and guidance have not gone unnoticed with large corporations within both the public and private sector having purchased from us to support their cybersecurity needs. These companies include some of the largest in fields such as ride sharing, imaging & printing, entertainment and technology.

We are a distributor for leading smart cards, their readers and other security hardware such as biometric readers. We have been in the business since 1997 and have stayed on top of leading technologies such as new biometric inputs and even the adoption of RFID stickers with NFC capabilities. Tx Systems is a passionate force in the industry and is dedicated to supporting you through whatever usage case you may have for both enterprise and government customers. Trust us to stay on top of cybercriminals and start securing your data by taking a constructive step forward.

Tx Systems offers a wide variety of cybersecurity hardware and software that will offer a robust force against hackers with methods such as smart cards, security tokens and much more.

How does the Hitachi Finger Vein Scanner work?

Vascular Pattern Recognition

You will not be disappointed about the number of features that this scanner comes with. The innovative nature of this scanner is impressive as it moves beyond fingerprint scanning which can be both unhygienic and exclusive to normal hands but can take pictures of the blood veins that flow within them.

Hand vein patterns in both the palm and the fingers are recognized through vascular pattern recognition (VPR) which allow for your accounts to stay extremely secure. Once your finger vein is scanned, it is stored within your local PC and a database which is compared to the initial pre-established templates using pattern matching techniques.

To add, the accuracy of the vein scanning is extremely high considering how the scanning is built. There is a hood on the scanner that keeps light at a minimum to not effect the quality of the scan. This is similar to your camera phone which as you may have noticed looks washed out on a bright, sunny day. So, it is essential that you control for light to receive the most accurate finger vein scan.

The veins in your hand can be used to identify you when you sign into your Windows PC and online accounts.
Photo by Angela Roma on

*Make sure to not put the scanner in direct sunlight as that could effect the reading ability.

LEDs and Near Infrared (IR)

LEDs emitted from the top strip light go through skin tissue and reflect the hemoglobin in your blood. This light is considered near infrared (IR) light which if you remember from your high school chemistry class is not visible to the human eye. The wavelengths are too slow for us to see versus that of a UV or X-ray which are extremely fast and therefore, dangerous when they pass through our bodies. Luckily, you should not be concerned that these wavelengths will harm you.

Think of this IR type of wave as you would see at the top of your remote control. That allows it to communicate with your TV to change the channel or find old episodes of the Big Bang Theory on your DVR. Similar to the workings of this vein scanner, an LED light actually will influence just how strong the signal is depending on the quality and quantity of the LED when sent to the TV. For more information on how remotes use infrared light then take a look here as it will provide you with insight on how this vein scanner works with near-infrared waves.

Remote controls use a similar type of infrared-type of technology as the Hitachi Vein Scanner which assist in imaging your finger veins.
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

CCD Camera and CMOS Sensor

An embedded CCD camera with CMOS sensor is included at the bottom of this scanner (look at the mirror) which captures vein images through reflected light. This is the same sensor that is found in smartphone cameras. So, imagine if you put your smartphone camera inside of a device to be able to take pictures of your hand.

Thought that fingerprint scanning was secure then think again as the vein scanner is able to take a picture of your veins with this handy device.

How do I authenticate myself?

The Hitachi Finger Vein Scanner is operable by inserting your index finger within the opening of the device which is supported by a finger pedestal. When doing that, you do need to touch the glass at the bottom of the scanner as that is where the CCD camera is. It uses a row of LED lights at the top of the scanner that illuminate your skin to reveal the veins within your hand. Although, this might sound somewhat freaky, if you hold up a flashlight to your hands, it will have the same sort of effect.

At the bottom of the Hitachi Vein Scanner, there is a camera that takes pictures of your finger veins.
Photo by Alex Andrews on

However, a simple flashlight is not going to be entirely accurate in terms of obtaining a vein image. That is why the technology that Hitachi has created is much more in-depth and advanced.

If you are concerned that this scanner will somehow be inaccurate, you would be glad to know that the Failure Acceptance and Failure Rejection Rates are less than 1% which means that it will certainly be able to identify you as the legitimate user of your computer while rejecting anyone that may trying to impersonate you.

Why should I trust Hitachi?

Hitachi Ltd., based in Tokyo, Japan, is a recognized brand known world-wide for many different types of electronic products such as printers, TVs and even professional camera equipment.

Hitachi is committed to developing new innovative and superior products that allow for society to take on the most pressing challenges in today’s world that take advantage of the latest developments in technology such as AI, Big Data and IoT.

Their devices most importantly conform to major regulatory standards such as FCC Part 15 B, CE, RoHS and REACH to ensure your safety and wellbeing is kept in mind when operating these devices.

What Hitachi stands for and their mission with their product development

What can you look forward to with the Hitachi Finger Vein Scanner?

A wealth of options is available for both the progressive business even the software developer who wishes to integrate this into their application for contactless and secure login. It is an all-in-one device that provides image capture, verification and authentication within the scanner so that it reduces the stress on your PC. That is why Hitachi has included a USB 2.0 High Speed cable which is well equipped to handle all of these processes with data transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps.

It is perfect for businesses looking to secure user access control, identity management and transaction verifications for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The reasons below are why these applications are strongly supported.

Software Application Support

Overall, a wide variety of applications can support the vein scanner which includes client-based applications that are hosted locally along with those being hosted on the cloud that you use for various functions such as HR and CRM. So, your business suite applications will be supported.

Although, if you are looking for more support then the simple Windows 10 Hello login screen then you can take a look at some of our software solutions that can be tailored for your specific business.

For example, we offer other software solutions from large manufacturers such as HID Digital Persona software. With this, you would be able to login to Windows and other online cloud-based applications with SAML-support without needing a password. It also supports MFA and other authentication methods such as biometrics.

A demonstration of how Digital Persona works on your Windows 10-based PC.

This is ideal for corporations with their own private network that they want to keep secure from intruders especially those in high-risk fields such as finances and healthcare were data protection in paramount. It can be implemented within Windows Active Directory or an LDS (Lightweight Directory Services) server. It is meant to be as easy and seamless as possible for your employees to register their credentials for access to their accounts.

Whatever you need to do with HID Digital Persona, it has you covered as it can be configured for your specific usage case and comes in a wide variety of versions.

Premium is the ideal choice for users as it comes with additional features such as wide authentication methods for users, a password manager and SAML SSO support.

If you are looking for other software solutions for credential management or app login, we have options available from companies such as Okta, Open Domain Sphinx and SAFETrust.

This scanner has the ability to authenticate users in a wide variety of settings including:

  • Client and network (cloud-based) applications
  • User access control (Logical and physical access)
  • Identity management (credential management)
  • Transaction verification (EXTREMELY FAST at less than 2 seconds! with only a finger needed)

All of these are perfect to make sure that whoever is using these systems has the proper authority to do so and will eliminate the chance of data privacy hacks and possible physical asset theft.

Operating System (OS) Support

If you are a Windows user then you are in luck as it supports some of the most recent versions of Windows going back to Windows 7. The great news about this finger vein scanner is that it supports all Windows editions from Home to Professional, so you can use this vein reader in the comfort of your own home.

Windows is supported by the Hitachi Finger Vein Scanner from Windows 7 or later.
Photo by Breakingpic on

The majority of users will be concentrated around Windows 10 versions as Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 for security patches and bug fixes in 2020 whereas 8.1 support will end in January 2023.

Windows 7 Service Pack (SP) 1

  • Starter SP1 (32-bit)
  • Home Premium SP1 (32- and 64-bit)
  • Professional SP1 (32- and 64-bit)
  • Ultimate SP1 (32- and 64-bit)
  • Enterprise SP1 (32- and 64-bit)

Windows 8.1

  • Standard with Update (32- and 64-bit)
  • Pro with Update (32- and 64-bit)
  • Enterprise with Update (32- and 64-bit)

Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Ver. 1607)

  • Home Version 1607 (32- and 64-bit)
  • Pro Version 1607 (32- and 64-bit)
  • Enterprise Version 1607 (32- and 64-bit)


The BioAPI SDK has the ability to integrate the Hitachi Vein Scanner with your original application.
Photo by Edward Jenner on

If you are interested in developing your own software to utilize the Hitachi Finger Vein Scanner then it comes with a BioAPI SDK for custom software integration

This includes runtime libraries and device drivers for Windows-based operating systems so that your application can utilize the CCD camera within the scanner. Templates and images are created when a user places their finger within the finger vein scanner.

This BioAPI SDK works with Windows versions from Windows 7 SP1 Professional to Windows 10 Professional. Both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported.

The compilers which are supported include:

Microsoft Visual C++:

  • 2010 SP1 Professional, Premium and Ultimate versions
  • 2012 UP5 Professional, Premium and Ultimate versions
  • 2013 UP5 Professional, Premium and Ultimate versions
  • 2015 UP5 Professional and Enterprise

FVAE server side fast matching library:

  • Server module
    • 10,000 matches/core/sec.
    • Thread safe processing
    • Multiple enrollment sets w/ up to 100k templates per set

*Server authentication engines are also supported for 1-N (1-Many) matching to integrate this scanner with new applications to be built

Not only does the BioAPI allow for seamless integration, but you do not needless programming for the scanner to fit in with your existing Windows-based work environment.

As long as you have a USB 2.0 port and a Windows-based operating system (OS versions from 7-10), then you can start implementing it with Windows 10 Hello or other software solution which supports Hitach biometrics.

How to care for the scanner?

You will not need to worry about this finger vein scanner being a lug when it comes to carrying it. With only a weight of 3.4 ounces which is LESS weight than your typical smartphone. It comes in a sleek design that is smooth to the touch and will fit in with your other computer peripherals such as your monitor and chassis. It will also be quite comfortable when you insert your finger into the finger vein scanner as it has a curved pedestal where your finger rests. No more hand shaking trying to get your finger to be scanned which makes for a less than accurate scan.

One thing to note for this Hitachi vein scanner is that the cord is nearly 6 feet long so cable management will be crucial to avoid tangles and potential falls. If you are needing some new ideas on cord creep which is usually a thing with these smart card and biometric readers then keep an eye out for our upcoming article.  




  • 3.4 ounces for our U.S. blog readers 
  • 96 grams for our metric blog readers


  • 2.3 x 3.2 x 2.9 inches (Width x Depth x Height) for our U.S. blog readers
  • 59 mm x 82 mm x 74 mm (Width x Depth x Height) for our metric blog readers

Beyond that, a simple wipe down with a microfiber cloth will do wonders. If you happen to leave fingerprints on the mirrored-surface of the camera then you can also use that cloth to wipe it down with rubbing alcohol. This will help the reading abilities for accuracy purposes. The pedestal area may also collect grime because of its contact with your finger so keep an eye on that.

This contactless finger vein scanner will certainly be much more hygienic than a standard fingerprint reader as you are not leaving the oils and the dirt that are within the grooves of your finger. This will be of benefit during flu season especially for a shared finger vein scanner that is used for building or printer access.

Temperature ranges and overall durability of the reader

The finger vein scanner can handle a wide range of operating temperatures which for many users will not find themselves in. More than likely, the office you work in, has an average temperature around 65–75-degree Fahrenheit because any more or less than that will cause one of your coworkers to start complaining. However, if you do find yourself carrying this Hitachi finger vein scanner with you in winter temperatures or those hot summer days then it will be able to handle it.

Just make sure to not leave it in a hot car or in direct sunlight as that may effect the operation of the finger vein scanner.

Operating Temperatures

  • 41°F to 95°F for our U.S. blog readers
  • 5°C-35°C for our metric blog readers
  • 20-80% (non-condensing) humidity
The Hitachi Vein Scanner is extremely rugged and can withstand temperatures higher and lower than your coworkers can!
Photo by Digital Buggu on

NOTE: In most settings, the Hitachi finger vein scanner will perform quite well such as near the lobby of a building and in hotter settings such as factory floors. However, the finger vein scanner should be inside of a building to avoid the collection of dirt, dust or spiderwebs. There may also be instances where the humidity level outside collects condensation to form on the camera which will effect the imaging to a degree.


Legitimate HIGH SPEED USB 2.0 speeds up to 480 Mbps are possible with the Hitachi Finger Vein Scanner.
Photo by Digital Buggu on

The USB 2.0 cable is actually compatible with data transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps, so you will not be scammed with Full Speed speeds which are actually transferring data at USB 1.1 speeds at 12 Mbps. This is essential and will support the all-in-one nature of the finger vein scanner which handles more than just biometric authentication but rather image capture and verification within the same device. With these USB High Speed rates, your login authentication will be extremely fast like 2 seconds fast, so you will not be sitting there trying to type in a password for the umpteenth time. If you are an IT administrator then your users will be praising you for eliminating the headache that is Windows password login or any password login for that matter. The data that goes from your finger vein scanner which include the scans of your finger vein are encrypted when transferred, so the chance of your finger vein scans being intercepted are very low. The finger vein scans are then transferred to your computer for processing and matched against the initial finger vein scans. This is to verify that your finger vein is the one on record.

The finger vein scanner comes with a mini-USB-B port rather than a micro-USB-A port which can be recognized by its much more squarish appearance rather than the rectangular-look of the micro-USB cable. To differentiate between the two, take a look at our blog article about: All You Needed to Know About USB Port Types for Your Smart Card Readers.

It is ideal to be placed on your desk, but with the inclusion of a nearly six-foot USB 2.0 Full Speed/High Speed cable, it will definitely be able to fit underneath your desk. We do not want you tripping over the cord on your walk to grab another round of coffee from the Keurig or flinging the finger vein reader to the ground when it catches on the cable. As precaution, be mindful of where you place this scanner preferably away from your feet.

Plus, as an additional bonus, thanks to its USB-powered cable, you will not need to have a separate power cable for your scanner as USB 2.0 supports up to 900 mA or 5 volts. You know what I am talking about if you have tried to use a SATA-to-USB hard drive adapter.

Additional nifty features

If you need added security to your Hitachi Vein Scanner then you are in luck as it comes with a Kensington lock port (Tx Systems is an official partner with Kensington) similar to what you might see on your laptop. The Kensington Computer Group is well known for computer locks because of this and they have a presence in large retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. The benefit of a Kensington Lock is that this will prevent any sort of thief from lifting it off your desk. You know the guy in the cubicle next to you!

Make sure to loop the lock within the port and find a secure place to attach it to such as the legs on your desk.

There are also LED status lights on the top of the scanner to alert you of when it is on and reading your finger. That along with error notifications so that you know when they need to be addressed.

Where can you buy this AMAZING scanner?

Tx Systems is your best choice for purchasing the Hitachi Vein Scanner as we are a value-added reseller that provides our users with a one-on-one approach for product implementation. No hearing automated responses from us, we are keen on responding back to our customers with an ear to their curiosities.

To provide you with the run-down on the Hitachi Vein Scanner, take a look at our product page for the Hitachi USB 2.0 Type-A/mini-B Contactless Finger Vein Biometric Scanner. While you are at it, do not forget to read more about the VEINID Five software that will allow you to login to Windows using Windows 10 Hello much easier. An ideal for corporate clients who want to strengthen their security which will be released soon after this post.

For more information on the Hitachi Vein Scanner, take a look their Brochure and Datasheet which are clean and easy-to-read.

Identiv’s 3700 IG is the ONLY Smart Card Reader You Need for Your Factory or Clean Room Environment

Are you an operations manager needing to find an authentication solution for your company’s clean-room or factory floor?

While the office maintains an average temperature thanks to the trusty thermostat, a factory’s temperature tends to fluctuate depending on the weather outside considering the many openings. A laboratory tends to see both extremes of hot and cold depending on the types of research being done (phase changes, chemical reactions and different types of equipment such as incubators or chemical fume hoods).

Let’s say that you manufacture semiconductors for large OEMs (Dell, HP or Lenovo) in the PC hardware business. Given the current climate with semiconductor shortages amid all types of industries from automotive to gaming, there certainly is a demand for these processors and with high demand comes a rise in prices that people are willing to pay. All of a sudden, those processors are starting to look like a worthwhile steal.

With this in mind, you not only need a smart card reader that can tolerate a wide range of temperatures for operation and storage. But, you also need one that will secure both your physical and digital assets.

The Identiv 3700 IG is just the smart card reader that can solve your problems!

How the Identiv 3700 IG fits into your smart card environment

What cards do the Identiv 3700 IG support, and does it come with NFC?

To prevent the theft of these semiconductors from both inside and outside parties, it would be wise to adopt an authentication system for your employees. With a wide support of contactless smart card types such as the MIFARE family along with FeliCa, Calypso, CD21 and even NFC Tag Types 1-4, you certainly have a wide array of compatible smart cards to choose from. If you already have a system in place, you should have little trouble trying to integrate the 3700 IG into it. With NFC support, you will be able to enhance your existing system with a new and progressive technology which includes applications such as process automation and product authentication. The 3700 IG supports multiple NFC form factors such as your NFC-compatible smart phone, tokens (Identiv uTrust FIDO 2 Security Key) and ID-1 cards (typical smart card size). Pique your curiosity into NFC with our introductory blog – “How to SAVE TIME and Make Your Life EASIER with NFC Tags!”

A wide variety of smart cards from your research facility or factory setting are supported by the Identiv 3700 IG.
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What operating system does the 3700 IG support?

An existing system based off the Windows OS will certainly not run through any trouble during set-up. With Plug-and-Play support, the Identiv 3700 IG will automatically be recognized by Windows. If you use other operating systems such as macOS 10.x or 11.x and Linux 2.x or higher for both (32 and 64-bit editions) then you are also supported. Android 8.0 (Oreo) users can also plug in this smart card reader via USB OTG (On-the-Go) or pair it through NFC.

The Identiv 3700 IG supports a wide range of applications such as Windows login, VPN login along with document and email signing. If you are interested in Windows login or other authentication schemes for your factory or laboratory setting, HID Digital Persona will be just the fit.

Would I need to clean the Identiv 3700 IG on a consistent basis?

Not only is this device quite secure, it is prepared to stay clean especially in working environments where it is necessary to avoid any dust or grime which is the case for manufacturing semiconductors to pharmaceutical drugs. That is why the tough, polished exterior with its ultrasonic welded seams ensures that it will stay clean and not be the desk’s dust magnet. Not only that, it is expected to last for around 10 million hours before any issues start to appear. Meaning, you won’t need a new smart card reader for almost 50 years. Don’t quote us on that though! We are talking averages here!

Very little cleaning is needed for the Identiv 3700 IG because of its polished exterior and its ultrasonic welded seams.
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What temperatures can the Identiv 3700 IG handle?

We know that laboratory and factory environments have a wide range of temperatures, so this smart card reader was made to withstand operating temperatures at freezing, 32 F upwards to 140 F, which is higher than record temperature on Earth, 133 F in Death Valley! So, feel free to crank up the heat on this reader. As for storage temperatures, it becomes even more amazing! With the ability to withstand -13 F to 185 F, that cold cabinet in your laboratory near the cell cultures’ freezer will not even phase this reader.

The Identiv 3700 IG can be stored at below freezing temperatures and can operate at freezing too!
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Is the Identiv 3700 IG really fast?

It is an extremely fast device with data transfer speeds up to 848 Kbps depending on the smart card that you use. It is powered via USB 2.0 Full Speed (commonly known as USB 1.1) Why USB 1.1, you might ask? It needs less power to operate and has less data packages because of the typical smart card memory sizes. With a very long 1.5 meter or nearly 5-foot cable, you should be able to stretch this smart card reader out over long distances. It will be the perfect length for those laboratory tables or factory workstations.

The Identiv 3700 IG has wide smart card and operating system compliance, a tough and easy-to-clean interior/exterior and can withstand intense temperatures.

So, whether you are in charge of purchasing equipment for your company’s research operations or have factory space under your belt, the Identiv 3700 IG is the perfect fit to outlast the rough conditions that these environments face from bone-cold countertop freezers to blazing hot torches. Take a look at this sleek and rugged device on our website if you are ready to secure your physical and digital assets – Identiv uTrust 3700 IG USB 2.0 Type-A Contactless Smart Card Reader.

Important Update from HID Global Supply Chain

To our Tx Systems customer, we are certain that this year is starting off on a positive note. Our world is slowly returning to a normal existence. Schools are reopening, friends are meeting together, sporting events are rallying and stores are selling out of desired product at a record pace. Because of all our collective product demand, manufacturers have been readily trying to keep up with us which has come at a cost to all of our bottom lines.

The IT world is no different with companies such as Intel and Nvidia scrambling to fulfill the orders of auto manufacturers inspired by the future of electric vehicles. However, that has not dissuaded them to continue purchasing from well-known and trusted manufacturers. Both Intel and Nvidia are at the top of their industries as a result of the proof in their semiconductor products for delivering high quality graphics and PC performance.

Tx Systems has not been immune to this worldly situation with our trusted and reputable partner, HID Global, announcing the price increases of products known and revered for their world-renowned security. These price increases will include products that are to be shipped to account for the fluctuating market. In the next upcoming weeks, we will be adjusting the prices on HID products on our website to reflect the changes that HID has in mind.

We know that as a long-time committed and trusted supporter that you can genuinely understand the straits that we are in. Your continual support as a Tx Systems customer shows that we can count on you even when the waters get tough.

We want you to know that we will provide an increasingly superior service as the days go on in this post-pandemic world. We can assure you that the proper adjustments are being made to provide a plethora of information on our site for your smart card journey. To take that first step forward, we would like to hear your feedback and questions to these new changes. Our number is 858-622-2004 where we look forward to solving and addressing your current concerns.

To grasp the entire situation fully, take a look at HID Global’s official statement: HID Price Update Notice

How Workforce ID Visitor Management Can Completely Handle Your Visitors and Employees?

Have you ever been in a waiting room in an office where it seemed that you were there for hours before being called for your appointment or meeting?

Thoughts begin appearing in your head that they may have forgotten about you, and that your time is being wasted. So, you look for different ways to pass the time.

All of those magazines on the coffee table can do the trick, but most of them are from centuries ago and sit there collecting dust. So, you reach for your phone which you think is a great way to pass the time, but the Wi-Fi reception in the waiting area is pretty shoddy for their open network. So, you need a password to their VPN, but the receptionist cannot remember where she wrote this down at.

The wonderful experience does not end there though.

You are finally called into your appointment but dreadfully realize that they are still trying to get organized. The meeting was supposed to start an hour ago!

Spending hours in the waiting room will only make clients more frustrated and lessen the chance of a positive online review. You need to find a way to enhance their waiting experience.
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Imagine the guests at your business?

Is this a similar experience that you see on your Google Reviews or Yelp? Because if it is, you need a solution ASAP! E-word of mouth is essential in today’s online social world where bad reviews can leave more than just a small scratch to your business’ reputation but can have it shut down.

Who is Tx Systems?

We are a licensed distributor within the smart card industry for large manufacturers such as ACS, HID and Identiv. We offer a wide variety of both contact and contactless readers and have a selection of NFC readers for NFC tag applications. In addition to hardware, we also offer software such as Open Domain Sphinx and Access Smart PowerLogOn.

We are a Platinum Partner of HID’s smart card readers and software solutions which include HID Digital Persona, HID ActivClient along with smart card readers such as the HID OMNIKEY 3021 and the 3121.

You can trust that we will do a fantastic job with implementing HID’s solutions into your workplace.

What can Workforce ID Visitor Management do for us?

HID’s Workforce ID incorporates a Credential Manager which allows for your employees to login securely when they work both remotely and at the office.


  • With this software solution, businesses such as yours have the ability to manage appointments that patients create and review them in real-time to see if there are conflicts.  
    • RTLS (Real-time Location Services) require the BLE smart card beacon, web portal and Wi-Fi/BLE gateway to utilize the Workforce ID Visitor Management software as they all interact together to formulate the mapping of employees viewable via the cloud service web portal.
      • Workplace Optimization is meant for employee collaboration, safety and compliance and efficient use of spaces
  • Set expectations for what to bring for your office appointment such as an ID and other essentials
  • Create email templates through Microsoft Outlook for visitors for consistent corporate branding and the inclusion of pertinent information
  • Customization of self-service kiosks, Workforce ID website portals, HID applications, temporary badges and much more to fit your business
  • Self-service kiosk to check-in without employee contact leaving employees to handle more pertinent tasks
  • Compliant with GDPR, SOC2 Type 1 and ISO 27001
  • Enhanced security with customized PACs (physical access cards) for each individual visitor to prevent unauthorized access
  • Supports both Chrome and Edge browsers that are used on Windows 10 and macOS computers for web portal
  • Visitor data stored on the cloud in multiple locations across the country thus lessening the chance of loss
  • Health pre-screening questions can be included within the email template to determine visitor safety especially during rough flu seasons. 
HID’s Visitor Management Solutions allow for a smoother experience when checking in visitors to your corporate office and prevents any potential security breaches that might have occurred with a traditional physical logbook.

Are self-service kiosks really that effective?

After reading all those features, you may have been surprised to see that automated check-ins were an option!

We are so used to seeing someone behind the front desk that it would seem unusual if it were only a computer.

Self-service kiosks may seem futuristic, but in the restaurant industry, fast food chains such as McDonald’s and even Arby’s have allowed their customers to order for themselves by selecting menu options on the terminal screen.

McDonald’s rolled out their own self-kiosk stations way back in 2003 to enhance the delivery of their food to customers without needing to wait in a line for it. Most fast food restaurants strive for fast delivery as customers expect to go in and out without the wait of a sit-in restaurant. This is especially if they are on a lunch break from work where every second counts. So, by having a kiosk, it allows them to have an additional option from the lunch crowd.

An Arby’s franchise in Tulsa adopted self-ordering kiosk stations in 2009 to integrate EMN8 kiosks with their POS system. United States Beef Corp. decided to do so to strive for convenience, personalization while targeting customers from 18-34 who tend to be keen on new technology.

Both Arby’s and McDonald’s have tested out self-service kiosks in their customer service environments to speed up service while increasing the potential for more orders. Customers are enjoying the implementation of self-service stations!
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In addition, it allows for order accuracy with each individual ingredient being readily available to be seen by the customer and reduces the chance for a mistake because of miscommunication. For example, if someone was allergic to eggs and wanted to leave out mayonnaise or the Big Mac Sauce then they could do so without fear that the cashier had misheard their order or had forgotten to input it into the POS. They may end up leaving with hives!

Customers also hesitate to order items that are hard-to-pronounce or are wary of what the cashier may think of their mega meal. It all stems from social expectations. The kiosk allows the customer to feel a sense of confidentiality when making their lunch choices without the fear of being judged.

Overall, it will actually enhance their perception of the business as kiosks will make them feel that they are in control over their order. They may also want to come back to your place of business because of the experience that they had when coming in. These innovative ordering methods will provide a sense of fun for the initial adoption period.

The best part is that you also eliminate the chance for rude customer service.

Take for example, a waitress with a thick foreign accent or one that has a bit of a chip on her shoulder may treat customers rudely.

Both of these cases can ruin the experience of a diner thereby, increasing the potential for negative online reviews. For any of these cases, a negative review actually can do more damage than one can think. As an experiment, take a look at reviews on Yelp or Google Reviews and notice how many of them have to do with customer service experiences that were less than ideal. There are usually themes around rude employees completely ignoring customers or having an attitude.

Minimizing these situations is your best bet which Workforce ID’s Visitor Management kiosks can do while providing increased efficiency, faster check-in/check-out times and a reduced workforce for savings.

How Workforce ID’s Visitor Management Can Reduce Paper?

Apart from that, this solution eliminates the hassles of sign-in log books with illegible handwriting, unverified information and a lack of privacy.

No more needing to store these logbooks for future reference in a shelf or cabinet, already brimming with paperwork such as contact forms, ID card scans and other identification information.

This is all thanks to an online environment!

Visitor Management uses a cloud-based integrated system with programs such as Microsoft’s Outlook and Google Workspace to make it easier to establish within already functioning systems.

Don’t let the paper clutter your desk with manual log-in books for visitors! Digitize it today with HID’s Workforce ID!
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How Workforce ID’s Visitor Management Make Software Updates Easier?

The benefit is that this system is always online thanks to its cloud-based foundation. It simply means that instead of updating your software from your own company servers, you can do so without needing a technician to come out and spend hours tinkering with the system.

So, updates are continual. This is similar to how Windows 10 was set up, so that instead of having to buy a new DVD with a service pack installed (Windows XP SP1, SP2 or SP3), you would only need to be connected to the internet to download new features.

How can I use the web portal of Workforce ID and its many features?

Additional security features allow businesses to keep track of who is coming in and out of a building. This makes sense if your company is in charge of mission critical data or has confidential research that it is doing. As a visitor checks into your system, you will have the ability to see that in real-time and react accordingly.


Visitors can either be pre-registered or walk-in which both can be found through the web portal. You can include a check-in steps for both parties, you can make them mandatory, which can include badge issuance, image capture or an NDA signature.

*Walk-ins have to have a host for that visit.

Touchless access control is much more hygienic and allows for employees to use their smartphone in order to enter the office, thereby limiting the need for physical smart card issuance.

In certain situations, this can ensure the safety of your employees. You would not want a disgruntled job applicant who got rejected to come waltzing in. With Workforce ID’s Visitor Management, you have the ability to set up workflows to determine what the proper security response would be if this were to happen.

The workflows do not have to be only for negative situations, they can actually be set up to best handle potential client appointments. This will make it much more efficient to try and meet their needs when they come in.

It is important to keep track of visitors to your workplace to prevent any unwanted visitors such as disgruntled employees or even solicitors. With HID’s Workforce ID, you have the ability to closely monitor who is entering your building.
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This software solution has compliance with major security standards so you can rest assured that it will support the technology that you have within your system (FIDO security tokens and smart card readers). Both product types are sold by Tx Systems from well-known brands such as ACS, HID and Identiv.


Workforce ID for Visitor Management is available on a monthly subscription basis for a set number of users. It comes in both Essential and Advanced packages depending on your businesses specific requirements.


You can also add a new employee on the Identities Page which allows you to add relevant information similar to an address book.

*This is considered the default page of Workforce ID’s Visitor Management as the software centers around tracking active employees.


Tags are also present for easier organization in case of shared similarities such as employee type or department type. This will make bulk imports much easier as all those types can be selected at once.


New custom fields can be added to provide more detail on that specific employee in case there are exceptions to the rule.


You also have the ability to add new locations to represent another office location that you have as part of the business. You can add new floors or rooms to support the real-time location services (RTLS) that are incorporated within the software.

HID’s Workforce ID has many changeable profile details such as location within the web portal which will allow you to create the most organized experience for your business’ information.
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Take a look at the many features that HID’s Workforce ID has which you can readily utilize through the web portal. The videos are extremely short and easy to understand!


Applications can also be created to determine for a new user when trying to obtain an ID card or badge which will be reviewed by the administrator for confirmation or denial. It can be specified as to the privileges and the roles to be determined.

*Requirements need to be fulfilled in order to actually be issued a badge/ID card which will then allow for approval to be made.


Privileges can also be expanded for employees if the need arises such as increased responsibilities in the job role which would require access to new rooms. This process can be done through the web portal software which will require a certain set of standards to be met before granting that.

Roles can be expanded or rolled back on the HID Workforce ID meaning that you can program your smart card-based ID badge to include features to assist that user’s specific job role.
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Self-service locations allow for you to host a visit such as an interview allowing for adding visitors who will be attending that have previously been added to the system. Requirements will include emails for contact to allow for a request to be sent for a visitor.


Screening questions are included to allow you to customize questions you might ask before a visit to the office. This could be related to meal preference if there is lunch to be served or for health reasons if they are sick.


Recurring visits allow for future visits to be programmed in case it is a weekly meeting or custom amount meeting. Let us say that you are meeting to discuss a new project that requires the use of consultants. You want to meet weekly to increase the likelihood that all parties will be on the same page.


How CVS Pharmacy Uses NFC Tags for Smart Prescription Usage?


Thanks to HID’s commitment to open standards, this software solution will work with your existing systems such as your physical access card. We know that the trusty Prox card is not only cost-effective for you and reliable, so that is why HID has decided to keep supporting it.


One of the benefits of Workforce ID is the fact that you can print out temporary access cards for visitors instead of giving them an all-access badge that would leave some of your most secure rooms at risk for theft. You are essentially giving a stranger a key to your safe. So, you have the ability to print out your own credentials using an HID badge printer whenever a visitor appears at your doorstep.

You have the ability to print out your own custom ID badge that will include functionalities that may be only needed for that one specific visit using the HID Fargo Printer.
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Visitor Manager is part of the Workforce ID software which will allow you to restrict the walk-in visitors of all or just one of your locations. This would be essential if you are booked for appointments for the entire day or week and would allow for much needed work to be done.

*Make sure to provide as much information as possible when issuing a new ID badge through the use of the profile page.


This badge could be programmed to only work during the period of time that they are expected to be in the building and can be based around established templates. This can all be done within the cloud-based web portal. You can also specify what is needed to be applied for that badge such as a government-issued ID. After they leave, they will give back their badge, so it can be destroyed.


These badges can be printed via an HID FARGO card printer which can be done remotely through the Workforce ID cloud portal. This can be done by registering for FARGO Connect Cloud-based ID Printing Account with proper access to the API Account Management Tab and the Organizations Tab.

You can use this with Badge Designer within the Fargo Connect account.

FARGO Connect allows for card printing to be done remotely via a web browser on an Android-based/iOS smartphone or tablet which means that it can be done in a different office rather than at the computer console for the printer itself.

These are network-connected ID badge printers which allows for flexibility and accountability that allow for information to be readily available for a new issuance of ID cards or keeping track of ink levels for the printers.

The software is readily updated and follows security protocols such as FERPA, HIPPA and GDPR.

This will be connected with a Badge Design Template for a Visitor Badge which will allow you to customize the badge for visitors for details such as name, type and status.


There are many other features included in the cloud software such as Roles, Groups, Badge Designer, Email Configuration, SMS Configuration, Audit, Badge Types and Documents. Acknowledgements allow you to program actions to determine what happens when something occurs such as a badge return. This can be made as a checklist for an employee or visitor to acknowledge similar to if someone were to check a box that they had read the terms of service of a website or EULA of installed software.

Where can I find out more about HID’s Visitor Management?

So, if you want to take the next steps to securing both your office and its computers then you need HID’s Visitor Management to keep it in place.

Feel free to reach out to us for more information on HID’s Visitor Management by contacting us via email at or at 858.622.2004.

If you are looking for more information on Workforce ID then take a look at HID Academy’s YouTube Channel which will walk you through crucial features of the program.

Keep learning more about WorkforceID Digital Credential Manager on YouTube to determine if this is the right solution for you!


If you just ordered a smart card reader, security token or biometric reader from ACS, HID or Identiv then you have found the right place. Our blog offers you all the tips and tricks that you need to answer your troubleshooting questions.

Why is Tx Systems the trusted source for cybersecurity hardware and software?

Our superior customer support and guidance have not gone unnoticed with large corporations within both the public and private sector having purchased from us to support their cybersecurity needs. These companies include some of the largest in fields such as ride sharing, imaging & printing, entertainment and technology.

We are a distributor for leading smart cards, their readers and other security hardware such as physical access control and security tokens. We have been in the business since 1997 and have stayed on top of leading technologies such as new card formats and even the adoption of RFID stickers with NFC capabilities. Tx Systems is a passionate force in the industry and is dedicated to supporting you through whatever usage case you may have for both enterprise and government customers. Trust us to stay on top of cybercriminals and start securing your data by taking a constructive step forward.

Why Tx Systems is Your Choice for Purchasing Smart Card Solutions?

How do I reach out to you?

Given our vast knowledge on the subject, we would be your first line-of-sight for troubleshooting questions. No need to go to the manufacturer’s support channels as they are focused on building the best and most secure product for you. We are the guys getting the product to work for your specific use case.

Do not be discouraged if you are a hobbyist in your garage testing out smart card technology! We help all types of people from enterprise customers to those hobbyists who want to test our smart card readers for their own personal projects.

Not only is the blog extremely helpful because we are available to speak over the phone and via email to answer any installation or implementation questions (Shoot Away!) that may arise on your smart card journey. So feel free to reach out to use at 858.622.2004 for both our customer support and technical support lines. We are usually available from Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

No need for a ticket number though as you simply need to fill in our standard contact form for the most efficient help. You will then receive a follow-up email or call through the contact methods that you provide.

**Be sure to specify in the message what the best way to reach you is.**

The Contact Us Form will allow us to better serve your needs and get your specific implementation up and running. Be sure to fill out all the details.

Now comes the fun part. What do you put in the message section? That tends to stoop me because I want to write it as quick as possible to get it done with, but I realize that by providing little detail upfront that it is going to take me longer in the future. To prevent having you go through the same dilemma, I have included some fantastic pointers that will help best help both of us.

A word of advice here is to be as specific as possible, and by that we mean make sure to follow the five w’s which are:

The Best Questions to Answer

Who are you?

Let us know your name, position, industry and company name so that we can understand what you are using your specific smart card reader hardware or software for. This will allow us to understand where to go to from there.

Whether you are an employee, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) or the next Elon Musk, we can provide you with superior customer service to answer your most pressing questions.
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So, for example, if you were using the SecuGen Hamster Pro Duo CL Fingerprint Reader for Windows Hello that would be a unique conversation from using it for physical access control. Each set-up will require different tools to get it up and running such as mounting brackets for a wall versus desk space for a cubicle.

Or, if you are a home user trying to set up smart card login then it would be a much different approach then if you were a IT administrator for a large Fortune 500 company. The IT administrator would need much more hardware to support the employees and might already have a information system protocol in place. This would influence how they are going to use their hardware and will dictate what they can and cannot do. You might only need to use if for one computer to secure your investment and stock portfolio files. You are not bound by strict rules and regulations.

If you only remember one thing from this question, answer, tell me more about yourself?

What device or software are you using?

Tell us the brand name and model number which you can find on our website. So for example, if you are using the Kensington VeriMark Fingerprint Key, then be sure to mention just that.

Make sure to specify what connector it is such as a USB-A/USB-B/USB-C. If you are wondering what those are, refer to our previous post All You Needed to Know About USB Port Types for Your Smart Card Readers which gives you an in-depth rundown into what to look for when determining the USB type. If you ever had trouble differentiating between a USB-A versus a USB-C or a USB 2.0 versus a USB 3.0 then this will answer all your questions.

Also, include certain features that you are honing in on, so if you were using a device for its NFC capabilities then include that within this area. Many of our devices include various features such as contact/contactless smart card support, NFC tag reading, Bluetooth pairing and much more. The more specific that you can get, the quicker we can solve your problem.

So essentially, what was the main feature that drew you into the product, or what is the one feature that you are trying to use the most?

You can also go further by mentioning the operating system that you are using it with such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Solaris or Android. This will allows to understand the environment that it is functioning with and the specific requirements that each operating system has with your hardware/software. A version type would also be great to determine the specific driver that may be required for say, Windows XP or Windows 10. The other major operating systems also have separate version numbers which you can find through the links below:

Finding out the specific version of Windows is very simple and can be found through “System Properties” through “This PC”
macOS may be the easiest operating system to find the version name and number for as it is under the first menu on the Apple menu. Find the Apple logo.
Linux is a unique operating system in that in has many different distributions based off Linux kernel types. So Ubuntu is simply a distribution of the Linux kernel and not its own separate OS.
Oracle Solaris is more than likely the least used operating system out there, but it is worth including it as some of our hardware does support it.
Android 5.0 Lollipop is an older version but the same steps still apply with the Android version being found in the “Settings” app and within the “About Phone” option. NOTE: Each phone manufacturer may have their own unique set-up such as Motorola, Samsung and ZTE.
You can find the iOS version along with the Model Name in the same “About” option.

When are you most available?

Use this to specify when the specific issue had occurred for you such as when you were trying to initially install the device or software. For example, there may have been a hiccup with your smart card installation as it was the wrong driver for your version of Windows. Another cause could have been playing “Diner Dash” while installing the smart card reader which may have resulted in a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).

Keep this in mind, there are many factors to consider when troubleshooting hardware or software as there are many processes running at the same time to keep your PC alive. Be aware that the issue may not have been with the device that you purchased from Tx Systems but rather a system settings or application on the host PC.

A great suggestion would be to give us the rundown of the steps that you took before the error occurred, so we can use it as breadcrumbs to find the root of your problem. This can be made using a Word document or other text editor for more structure. Enhance it by sending us any screenshots, pictures or videos to visually explain how the error came to be by highlighting error screens. Just make sure that they are less than 25 MB in total size as it will not be possible to send that over email to us without compressing the file size.

Leaving us a trail of crumbs will make troubleshooting a WHOLE lot easier for both of us.
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As with any device troubleshooting whether smart card or not, it is easy to run into a problem along the way of trying to figure out your initial problem. Patience is key when working with technology because no matter how smart it seems, it still makes mistakes.

The biggest piece of advice from experience is that the more time you invest in the research beforehand, the more results that you get in the long run. Who knows you might have help with other problems being answered along the way which you were not even searching for. Talk about solving your problem in one fell swoop!

Where are you calling from?

We can use this to determine what the best time to reach you would be. As we are based in San Diego, we are on the PST/PDT time zone meaning that we could be either 1-3 hours ahead if you are based in MT, CT or ET. If you are located in another country then that is a whole other story which may be the case as we have customers from countries such as Japan to Germany who have unique needs.

So, specify your schedule for the best time to have a troubleshooting conversation. You may want to carve out a period of 1-3 hours especially if the problem is much bigger say, you get an error code when you use your smart card reader, or you have absolutely no idea how to use one of these things.

Be mindful of the time here in San Diego when you decide to call or schedule a future call. We are all PST/PDT.
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Let us know if you are also on a time crunch as well whether that be at work where you must have this smart card reader in order to fulfill a regulatory deadline or simply need it to access a report that is due by 5 p.m. We will be able to then prioritize your needs above the others.

  • What is your timeline for implementation, and how much time can you spend dedicating to setting up the smart card reader?

Both of these will be able to customize the solution that we offer you which may be able to save you a few minutes on working on.

By doing so, we can ensure that we have an ample amount of time to address your issues without rushing through a solution that could be forgotten the next day.

Why are you contacting us today?

The biggest question to answer is why are you reaching out.

If you can, please use some sort of formatting option to bold, italicize or choose a font color that stands out. This truly is the meat of the entire message as we will have a general category to put this in.

So for example, let’s say that you are having trouble getting your fingerprint to be scanned clearly on a SecuGen Hamster Pro, and you swear that you have cleaned the reader multiple times. Well mention, the main problem and categorize it as fingerprint read error. That way, our team can center the conversation around that very issue. *Include this at the top of the email before the start of the salutation.*

What is the ONE reason why you need guidance?
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Do not be surprised if through our interactions if that reason starts to change! Sometimes, new paths start to appear out of old ones meaning you might end up in a place that looks totally different than when you started.

How did you out about us?

A great way for us to find your path to Tx Systems would be to determine what route you took to get here. Did you find us through a friend who had also purchased a reader or was it through a Google Search for a specific reader. Let us know that process, so we can start to see how we are reaching you, the customer, and to see if there are ways that we can improve.

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We know that it can be tricky to find support for smart card readers on the web. So, we want to make sure that our blogs and other resources are front and center to move you past any forks in the road.

We are open to constructive criticism meaning that we actually see it as a positive because that means that we can best serve you. This includes product alterations such as dimmer LED status lights, new smart card reader colors so on and so forth. You might not be the only one who is thinking about it meaning that you could speak up for others and solve their problems.

Take a chill pill

Lastly, the biggest piece of advice is to take time to be mindful of your thoughts and situation that you find yourself in. There is no reason to blow the problem out of proportion because that is when we overlook the simplest of answers. So, a simple issue such as forgetting to plug an Identiv 3310 V2 Smart Card Reader into the USB port may turn into a disaster situation where you start thinking that it is completely fried. So always, take a step back when an error occurs and start truly believe that you will solve this problem. More than likely, your head will start to clear and the solution will start to seem as clear as the sky.

Remember to take a breather because you will be able to solve your tech troubles.
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Another positive is that will allow us to more clearly understand your specific problem. Imagine if you were scatterbrained and trying to talk about your problem. We would not be able to understand your train of thought. It is only with a clear mind that we can get to the bottom of it.

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How to Login to Google Using a FIDO KEY (YUBIKEY Security Key Compatible)


MFA or multi-factor authentication is growing in popularity thanks to its ease-of-use and enhanced security to your online accounts.

If you are looking to set this up to login to the Google Suite which includes apps such as Drive, Gmail, Hangouts and YouTube then you have come to the right place. This simple guide will walk you through setting this up and will appeal to those who like to read instructions and watch them.

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Tx Systems Blog is the ONLY blog that you need to answer all of your tech support questions for your cybersecurity needs. Forget about the manufacturer’s site, all you need is to read a blog article and you will have all your questions answered. We are a trusted partner with the largest smart card companies in the market such as ACS, HID Global and Identiv and have been in the game since 2001. We look forward to protecting both your physical and digital assets!



Before you get started, you will need a security key.

If you are looking for smart card readers, look below at some of the options that we sell.

List of FIDO-compliant security keys offered by TxSystems:

A recommended security key would be the Identiv FIDO2 NFC Security Key which comes with the FIDO cryptographic keys stored on the USB drive’s circuit board. To provide enhanced security, it is programmed to change when used on different websites.

The Identiv FIDO2 NFC Security Key will login into many of the web applications that you use on a daily basis such as Facebook, Google and Salesforce.

The Identiv FIDO2 NFC Security Key is essentially a durable, plastic flash drive in terms of how it is set-up; however, it is not meant to store your files as a flash drive is. Within its internal circuit chip, it houses all of the security protocols and code for it to be used for website login. It also includes an NFC antenna within the device; hence the NFC support. The electrical contacts are also made to resemble USB ports; however, some have a split USB with only half a port because it does not have a strong electrical output.

*To find out what FIDO means, take a look at our blog article “What does FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) mean?”

Most people tend to not think about how flash drive works but taking the time to understand it will probably build your appreciation.
  1. Take your security key out of its packaging and be sure to avoid scratching the electrical contacts as this will effect its connection with your computer
  2. Keep the FIDO security key in your line of sight to avoid losing it.
    1. These devices are extremely small and can slip between cracks readily.
      1. For example, the Identiv FIDO2 NFC Security Key is less than 2 inches on all sides so losing it may be the easiest thing that you do with it!
  3. For pairing this with your Google Account, take a look at “Use a security key for 2-Step Verification” from Google Account Help.
    1. 2-Step Verification or what is commonly known as MFA (multi-factor authentication) means that you will need to provide two forms of credentials to login to your Google account such as a text code, phone call, mobile prompt or password.


  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari (13.0.4 or higher)

*Not all devices support security keys

4. Before accessing these settings, you may be prompted to verify your identity by entering your password in and then having your phone number required as this will allow Google to provide an additional means of verifying your account if your lose your security key.

  • Phone prompts
  • Verification codes
  • Second security key
  • Backup Codes
  • App-based codes such as the Google Authenticator app
  • Look under Security Key to select the link that states “Add Security Key”

You will be prompted with “Choose your security key” which you will want to choose “USB or Bluetooth”

  • From here, you will be prompted to plug your security key into your USB port where you will want to tap the security key button for devices such as the Identiv FIDO2 Token or the Hypersecu HyperFIDO Pro Mini which will actually light up when needing to verify your identity (as seen by green and orange LED lights flashing rapidly).

*Actions include tapping, pressing, insertion/reinsertion or a mix of these actions

5. Depending on the model that you purchase, you may have a USB Type-A or USB Type-C port. Certain FIDO security keys have both options available such as the Identiv FIDO2 Key, the HID Crescendo Key and the Hypersecu HyperFIDO Titanium Pro.






  • If you are using a macOS-based system, it would be best to choose the USB Type-C as the USB Type-A are being phased out on macOS computers. PCs are much more common with USB Type-A ports.

6. Lightning connectors on macOS computers are not the same as USB-C ports. Although, they look similar, they are different standards. The Lightning connector is a proprietary connector that was designed for Apple devices whereas the USB-C port was designed to be used on a wide variety of systems and devices (Both macOS and Windows-based computers)

7. Click next, you will need to name your security key which can be anything you like.

8. Once that is set-up, you should be prompted to sign-into your account by touching the security key for verification whether it is a button, fingerprint or simply having it in the USB port, you are now logged in without having to use a password for it.

You may be asked by your browser for it to allow it to see the “Manufacturer” and “Model” of your FIDO security key.

9. By clicking “Allow“, you will be able to have the browser access this.

Here are some videos that should clear up this process as it can kind of be a doozy to try and find it.

10. After setting up the uTrust FIDO2 Token, upon the next login, you will be prompted to enter your password which will then take you to another screen to touch the security key.

You can also choose to make this a trusted computer so that you will no longer have to physically touch the security key in the future.

Only do this for home/business computers rather than public computers.

The Hypersecu HyperFIDO Titanium PRO FIDO2 USB 3.0 Security Key is a breeze to configure on Google with its native support for multi-factor authentication. You can also use other security keys such as the HID Crescendo Key.

For driver support on major operating systems, Identiv offers a macOS driver on their website. Operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Google ChromeOS and Android WILL NOT require additional drivers as they have native support.

  • Click here for the macOS driver which will download immediately after you click it.

The Ultimate Resource Guide for Installing Smart Card Readers, Biometric Readers, Security Keys and NFC Tags on macOS



Identiv is starting to offer their uTrust Key Manager Software as a beta program to test it out. If you are interested in downloading the software after purchasing an Identiv FIDO2 Key then Contact Sales for more information. Upon testing out the Beta program, you will receive three FREE security keys, customer support to lead you along the way and discounts for your first order off Identiv’ site.

  • Check firmware version
  • Display serial numbers
  • Change/reset FIDO2 PIN
  • Load shared OTP secret
  • Transform key into PIV- and PUK-compatible smart card
  • Reset PIV PINS
  • Configure PIV certificates
  • Set-up Windows 10 login

This program will assist in your setting up FIDO2, your one-time password and PIV capabilities for both the uTrust FIDO2 NFC+ Security Key and the uTrust FIDO2 GOV Security Key.

Time to start your SECURE Future with Security Keys

See, that was not hard at all. Luckily, these manufacturers such as HID, Hypersecu and Identiv have made this process extremely seamless. You are now ready to start logging into your online accounts with a simple press or tap.

We are hear to assist on your journey towards implementing security keys. Feel free to contact us at 858.622.2004 or for technical support on your security key implementation.

Author: Carl Hughes, Marketing Intern

A technical hobbyist interested in learning the nitty-gritty of computers.