NEW iAUTHENTICATE™ 2.0: iOS Smart Card Reader Designed for Otterbox® uniVERSE and Apple® iPhone® and iPad®

The wait is finally over! The Otterbox uniVERSE case for iPhone/iPad and the Identiv iAuthenticate 2.0 mobile smart card reader attachment are now available for pre-order through Tx Systems and is scheduled for release mid-2017.


The iAuthenticate 2.0 is the successor to the widely used iAuthenticate mobile CAC/PIV smart card reader for Apple iPhone and iPad. The new partnership with Otterbox will ensure that customers using this mobile reader will receive the best quality phone protection in addition to the smart card authentication functionality that customers have come to expect from Identiv. For more info, please see the datasheet or contact sales.

EMV Card Readers for Home Banking and Payments

While the US has adopted EMV chip card standards to decrease credit/debit card fraud, the problem of card-not-present fraud has compounded. There is a clear need to decrease card-not-present fraud by implementing EMV smart card readers at home for online shopping and banking. This will empower consumers by providing secure card transactions while shopping online and 2 factor authentication by signing in to your online banking.

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According to a 2016 CNP Consumer Impact Study, 78% of online shoppers want more protection for their payment card when shopping online.  The same study reports that 67% of consumers are willing to adopt a new behavior or process in order to increase their security when shopping online.

As e-commerce’s growth steadily parallels the rate of credit and debit card fraud, there is a significant demand from consumers for added transaction security. Tx Systems is a premiere smart card reader solutions provider working in conjunction with our partners such as Identiv to provide answers to these issues.

ActivID® Tap Authentication™

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HID Global is continuing to innovate their product line to support emerging technologies in the Microsoft ecosystem. The latest solution called  ActivID® Tap Authentication™ is the industry’s first solution for secure, fast, easy authentication to Microsoft® Office356 and other cloud-based apps, such as, from your Android™ phone or Windows® tablet or laptop. This solution is the first of its kind, because it uses the devices integrated NFC reader to authenticate to the card, making ActivID Tap user authentication simple, convenient and cost-effective while adding two-factor authentication to increase security over simple user name and password authentication. Now you can Simply Tap™ the card to the employee’s device to access the applications and services you need to do your daily work.

The solution connects and verifies users in the cloud via a Microsoft Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) plug-in and HID Global’s Authentication Cloud Service, eliminating the need for on-premise hardware or service contracts to maintain. The user experience is secure and easy to use, and addresses the problem many companies are faced with in today’s BYOD environment.

ActivID® Tap Authentication™ utilizes HID Global’s newest and most secure card technology known as SEOS. The SEOS platform is ideal for corporations who are looking to offer their employees the most secure technology with the freedom to leverage the credentials in future applications, either on a PVC card or digitally for mobile access control.


Identiv Embedded Solutions


Tx Systems is proud to announce Identiv’s newest smart card reader board for device integration and embedded applications called the uTrust 2500. The uTrust 2500 board comes in two distinct versions: The uTrust 2500R and the uTrust 2500F. The uTrust 2700R is Government certified for use with any federally issued ID card including CAC, PIV, TWIC, and SPIRnet. The uTrust 2500F is a commercial grade reader with flash upgradable capabilities so the firmware can be changed on the device to future proof any application.

The uTrust 2500 is a small and compact board which makes it easy to integrate into any device, including smart phone cases, multi-functional printers, keyboards, storage lockers, as well as many other devices that would require smart card authentication. The uTrust board supports all ISO/IEC 7816 cards and has a USB interface, CCID driver, and supports native Windows PC/SC. This board is the ideal candidate for any embedded application that needs to support smart card authentication in a small easy to integrate form factor.

Tx Systems understands the demands of an embedded application and is available to assist in all aspects of device integration from pre-visualization to software development. Our engineering staff can assist integrators in developing custom libraries to communicate with this embedded reader to ensure compatibility with any application on Windows, iOS, and Android.

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.  2500

Managing Visitors In the Information Age

Physical Access Control should be the first concern when it comes to ensuring a safe and secure environment in an organization. Comprehensive physical access control solutions are needed to secure your facilities, assets, networks and data. Recently many major corporations and agencies have fell victim to data breaches stemming from inadequate security systems amounting to billions of dollars. Due to advancing threats globally it has never been more important to invest in IT security now before you risk paying the unknown price after the fact.

You can establish the best protocols, encryption and firewalls but that can all go to waste if your physical location is not securely controlled.  If someone is able to penetrate into your location there is little you can do if someone directly accesses a port, server or machine. The first rule in network security is to control access to your physical location and assets. Without a system in place to verify and manage visitors it is very easy for unauthorized individuals to sneak or hack into your organization. HID Global’s EasyLobby® Visitor Management Solution automates the entire process of physical access registration and visitor management in a convenient manner by simply swiping a card and printing a badge. It is the perfect solution for schools, industry and organizations that want security and visitor accountability with ease.

At Tx Systems we specialize in physical and logical access control to help ensure that your organization’s assets do not get compromised. It is very important to use a physical access control system in order to protect invaluable data and competitive advantages within your business. Combining comprehensive Logical Access Control Systems with Physical Access Control Systems  is the best way to deter attacks and breaches from the inside out. Using EasyLobby® Visitor Management in conjunction with your facilities physical access control system is a simple effective way to ensure the physical security of your organization no matter the number of visitors you have.

The Easylobby Visitor Management  software is a customizable and flexible system offering registration on a tablet or computer with fully customizable eKiosks. The eAdvance Pre-registration software is the leading solution for pre-verified access to facilities which saves valuable time and serves as an initial screening tool for organizations. This cutting-edge solution allows you to manage all physical access to your organization from a single application that scales seamlessly from one to many locations all connected to an external database which screens for risky individuals.  Set a privacy standard ensuring confidentiality of visitor information so others cannot view who visited your company.

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Cybersecurity Initiative

In today’s global economy with an extremely competitive landscape there is an increasing need to protect your organization from data breaches, spyware and cyber attacks. Security threats can come from anywhere with worldwide competitors and hackers penetrating systems every day. As companies migrate to using the cloud, online portals and web based services the security ramifications astronomically multiply. Protecting trade secrets and competitive advantages are crucial to the successful growth of a company. The best ways to secure your organization’s data, systems and trade secrets are to use multi-factor authentication with encryption in a managed stable environment. Tx Systems specializes in authentication solutions which can ensure logon security for your company in a convenient and cost-effective manner such as Sphinx Logon Manager  Sphinx turns an ID card or token into a secure two-factor authentication tool making it easy to use strong passwords for logon processes. Identiv ConCERTO incorporates smart cards in it’s secure identification platform, a wide range of applications can be supported. Open architecture allows additional applications to be added for a tailored solution that will fit your company’s requirements.cyberphoto

                On February 9, 2016 the federal government laid out its (CNAP) cybersecurity national action plan that will focus on security awareness, multi-factor authentication and partnering with leading technology firms to secure online accounts and financial transactions. The emerging internet of things (IoT) plays a significant role in vulnerabilities for identification, surveillance, monitoring, location tracking, and targeting for recruitment, or to gain access to networks or user credentials. Embracing technologies such biometric authentication , smart cards and (NFC) Near Field Communication brings more secure transaction and identity verification that can help eliminate identity and credit/debit card theft. Now is the time to take an initiative to invest in cybersecurity and IT to protect your organization before it suffers from vulnerabilities.

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World’s First Dual Frequency Inlay Widens NFC Possibilities

Tx Systems, Inc. is a distributor of many NFC and UHF RFID solutions that range in applications from asset tracking, to 21st century marketing, to mobile payment. In our attempt to keep up with the latest market trends, we are constantly on the lookout for solutions that merge these technologies to create something new and unique.

During Retail’s Big Show in New York on January 18, 2016 Smartrac unveiled its new Web (DF) Dual Frequency inlay. This new innovation combines the best of RFID technology based on (UHF) ultra high-frequency protocol for long range capabilities with a NFC chip for near field uses. The dual frequencies allows for an array of retail applications that are versatile from the retail floor to the register.

Combining different frequency chips allows for new uses from long range application functionalities to NFC technology used to exchange data securely in close proximity. These emerging technologies provide a multitude of new retail solutions from customer engagement to loyalty programs all in one compact device. The use of NFC and RFID technologies are revolutionizing the retail industry while improving consumers shopping experience. Retailers can begin to engage customers through NFC enabled smart phones providing information and marketing opportunities such as loyalty programs with qualified discounts and NFC redeemable coupons.

As the Internet of things expands there is a continual effort to improve the efficiency, interactivity and utility of products. This is especially relevant to the brick and mortar retail industry with more consumers doing research online prior to shopping and internet sales up 20% in 2015. The use of smart technology will enable brick and mortar retail to compete with online shops and offer consumers a purchasing experience unparalleled with online shopping. For NFC products with a wide range of applications from mobile payment to loyalty programs visit


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